100 of my favorite Pop Up Video trivia items.

I Find Karma (adam@cs.caltech.edu)
Thu, 7 May 1998 02:36:34 -0700

For those of you who don't watch Pop Up Video on VH1


you're missing a treat. Essentially, they add to existing music videos
bubbles that pop up with facts and humor.

For example, you can see the script to the Police's "Every Breath You
Take" at


which contains two nuggets...

1. The average human breathes in 80 million gallons worth of air in a

2. Greeting card writers get paid about $450 per sentiment.

And so one of these weekends I took in a Pop Up video marathon (there
are now 90 half-hour episodes, I think) and jotted down in my greenbook
what I thought to be some of the more interesting trivia items.
Any errors in typing are strictly my own.
-- Adam

3. Amount of junk food the average American eats per year: 21 pounds.

4. Number of people "vacationing" in U.S. mental wards: 147,000.

5. Number of U.S. TV shows that make it to 50 episodes: 1/3.

6. Butterflies and beetles are the only bugs who can see color.

7. Entomaphagy, n.: Practice of eating bugs.

8. Choreophiliac, n.: Person aroused by dancing.

9. Gynodumania, n.: Habit of tearing off peoples' clothes.

10. Number of ladder-related injuries in the U.S. each year: 25,000.

11. Number of species on earth: 50 million.
Number of species identified: 2 million. (4%)

12. Oklahoma has more native languages than Europe.

13. Janet Jackson has 22 nieces and nephews. So far.

14. 1 in 10 U.S. teens wants to be an astronaut. 1 in 5, a rock star.

15. Number of women who describe the first time as "painful": 33%.

16. The average NYC apartment has 2.4 residents.

17. Haptephobia, n.: Fear of contact with other people.

18. 1 in 2 Americans believes communication is important in relationships.
1 in 2 Americans believes in ESP.

19. 60% of all current relationships will end.

20. Four out of five U.S. teenagers thinks there is too much violence on TV.

21. Largest human organs: 1) Liver, 2) Brain.

22. Average time it takes a man to make it: 20 minutes.

23. 15% of Americans meet their future mate at work.

24. 2 out of 3 Americans don't know what an "import quota" is.

25. Saturday Night Special, n.: Any small calibre gun under $50.

26. The average person lives 2334 Saturday nights.

27. 85 million Americans suffer from chronic halitosis.
Okay, it's the rest of us who suffer.

28. Marilyn Monroe tried to kill herself twice before succeeding the
third time.

29. The average person breaks a pint of wind a day.

30. 191 people were shot at the Berlin Wall from 1961 to 1989.

31. Neither hats nor sunglasses are allowed in passport photos.

32. The average human sperm travels 7 inches in its lifetime.

33. 2% of U.S. orchestral musicians are black.

34. Ironic, n.: Poignantly contrary to what was expected or implied.

35. The most-consumed food containing vanilla is chocolate.

36. The average American generates 1 ton of garbage per year.

37. Only 2% of people hurt by health care providers sue.

38. Cataphasia, n.: The annoying habit of repeating a phrase uncontrollably.

39. 40% of books are sold in airports, train stations, etc.

40. 60,000 injuries per year are incurred by trampolines.

41. 4 million Americans per year receive dog bites.
750,000 require medical treatment.

42. A death sentence is 4 times more likely in the U.S. in the killing
of a white person than in the killing of a black person.

43. Infatuation, n.: A state of exaggerated, foolish love.

44. 2500 lefthanded people each year die trying to use righthanded

45. The average American has 8 friends.
2.5 million Americans say they have no friends.

46. On average women make 25% less at the same job than men.
On average female models make 50% more at the same job than men.

47. Sexaholics Anonymous has 50,000 members worldwide.

48. Cattle release 60 million tons of natural gas each year.

49. 40% of the world's population has no access to electricity.

50. 12% of Texas roadkill are armadillos.

51. 7am is the most popular time for a wakeup call.

52. Most men have 3 or 4 erections during sleep.

53. The heart goes 140 beats per minute during orgasm.

54. The average airplane spends 15 minutes in the runway.

55. Since 1981 the Dow Jones Industrial Average is up 622%.

56. The average dream lasts 20 minutes.

57. 71% of Americans believe in hell.

58. Human hair grows at the rate of 6 inches per year.

59. Tea is the most widely consumed beverage on earth after water.

60. In the 1340s, 1 in 4 Europeans dies from the Black Death.

61. 1 in 2 Americans has never been to a dentist.

62. 80% of babies are conceived at night;
more than half are born during the day.

63. August is the most popular U.S. birth month.

64. 53 million Americans watched the moon landing in the summer of 69.

65. One in five Americans is actually in a band sometime in his/her life.

66. 5% of Americans enjoy S&M.

67. 5% of Americans enjoy "open" marriages.

68. 70% of Americans wouldn't want to spend time with their clones.

69. Freud's three phases of sexual development: oral, anal, and phallic.

70. The body has 2 million sweat glands.

71. 1 in 10 Americans has spent the night in jail.

72. "Lying" is the third most popular reason for being fired.
"Incompetence" is #1.

73. 50% of women keep their bopping a secret.

74. "Stewardesses" is the longest word that can be typed with just
the left hand.

75. 4% of men stuff their pants.

76. The average man strokes 7 times a month.

77. 41,000 Japanese became American in the 1980s.

78. 18 million Americans use Prozac.

79. One in three Americans is very happy with his life.

80. 3.5 million birds die flying into a window each year.

81. 32% of women have had sex with a man more than 20 years older.

82. 12% of women admit to having same sex attraction.
75% of men admit to having lesbian fantasies.

83. 3% of women have lesbian sex as their first sexual encounter.

84. Frogs have no lips.

85. Dry fish food makes fish constipated.

86. Women swallow an average of a tube and a half of lipstick each year.

87. The average age of a U.S. runaway is 16.
Girls run away more than boys.

88. 2 in 5 Americans believe in love at first sight.

89. Freud believed that only dissatisfied people have fantasies.

90. A baby's facial expressions do not necessarily relate to its
emotional state.

91. Every 30 seconds a U.S. teenager gets pregnant.
Every 13 seconds a U.S. teenager gets a sexually transmitted disease.

92. The average U.S. bra size in 1996 was 36C.

93. Only 1% of defendants serve as their own lawyers.

94. Meat Loaf is a vegetarian.

95. Elvis never owned a pair of blue suede shoes.

96. Semen travels at .001 MPH.

97. 76% of men say flowers are a turn-on.

98. 1 out of 4 U.S. women gets pregnant as a teenager.

99. Americans spent $3 billion on wedding rings last year.
Americans spent $203 million on barbed wire last year.

100. Marriage adds 4 years to a woman's life on average; 10 to a man's.

101. 53% of Americans take their coffee without sugar or milk.

102. Armpit glands can produce up to 3 gallons of sweat in 24 hours.

103. An estimated 6 billion Bibles exist worldwide.

104. Dingle, n.: A small wooded area between two hills.

105. Network TV presents a new image every 9 seconds. MTV, every 4.

106. In the 1960s a sound bite averaged 42 seconds. In the 1980s, 9.8 seconds.

107. Best selling DVD film: "Austin Powers."

108. Twelve men have walked on the moon.
10% of Americans think the moon landing was a hoax.

109. 21% of American babies are born to unwed mothers.

110. 8% of engaged U.S. women are virgins.
30% of U.S. men say they want to marry a virgin.

111. Yams contain an estrogen-like chemical that acts as a fertility drug.

112. 42% of women say they've "made it" with men at work.

113. The richest 1% of America doubled their wealth in the 1980s.

114. 82% of women would sleep with a stranger for $1000.
71% of men would sleep with a stranger for $100.

115. The average American uses the bathroom 5 times a day.

116. The clapper has sold 5 million units worldwide.

117. About 100,000 people have been dispatched from the U.S. military
for being gay.

118. Walt Disney is not frozen - he was cremated in 1966.
About 50 people ARE frozen, however.

119. Americans spent $6 billion on "nightlife" last year.
Americans spent $75 million on night lights last year.

120. 80% of men think that heavy makeup is a turn on.

121. 40% of men in American marriages have cheated. 30% of women have.

122. Most men under 40 can achieve an erection in under 10 seconds.

123. Men initiate sex 70% of the time for hetero relationships,
and 100% of the time for homo relationships.

124. 50% of women say their first time was with someone they loved;
only 10% of men admit this.

125. 1/3 of U.S. men have woken up to a woman whose name they did not know.

126. Only 5% of women find long hair sexy in men.

127. Chance of an airline losing your luggage: 1 in 175.

128. Chance of being in an airline crash: 1 in 250,000.

129. Chance of being in a car crash: 1 in 125.

130. Number of pairs of jeans Frank Sinatra has ever owned in his life: 0.

131. Percentage of Americans who believe that "everyone is their own God": 3%.


Sometimes I like to believe up to six impossible things before breakfast.
-- Lewis Carroll, _Alice in Wonderland_