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David Crook (
Wed, 06 May 1998 15:00:48 -0700

Ron Resnick wrote:
> Since I hit the KMart first, I bought the shoes there. Now,
> for Dave's info, why should Intelligent Shoppers (TM) always
> hit WalMart first, rather than these other lesser wannabes?
> Cuz WalMart HAS what you NEED, not what you just SETTLE FOR.
> I NEEDed size 5 (toddler) running shoes, with Barney logos.
> Don't ask why-
> have a 2year old, then you'll know why. Target? KMart? Nope.
> Had to SETTLE FOR Winnie the Pooh size 4s at KMart. When I finally
> found the Palo Alto WalMart, sure enough, lots of selection
> of Barneys.
> I also NEEDed size 9 (boys) Power Ranger shoes. Again, don't ask-
> have a 5 year old and you'll know why. Target? KMart? Hah. Yeah
> right. Had to SETTLE FOR Darth Vader/Star Wars size 9s,
> with hologram light-sabre battles, which luckily
> are just getting popular in said 5-year old's social circle.
> When I found the WalMart, though,
> wouldn't you know - Power Rangers aplenty.
> Moral of the story: When you want something,and don't want
> to waste time (or money), go to the store that's putting
> mom&pop's out of business everywhere. Yay WalMart.
> Ron.

You see Ron, the problem here is that I said starting a flame war about
Walmart vs Target would be fun. Flame wars do not involve logic or
using specific examples to back up your ideas, they involve crass
generalizations and making comments about your opponents hygine and
other personnal things.

Please Ron, don't you see that dressing your children up in Walmart
clothes is just condemming them to a life of living in trailer parks and
speaking with a drawl. Do you really want your kids watching stock car
racing and the Nashville Network when they grow up. Think what you are
doing to your children!

And your mother dresses you funny too.


David Crook
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