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Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Wed, 06 May 1998 13:27:39 -0700

> A number of reasons. Most PC pricing is "monitor extra" The price of the
> iMac is $1299. It does do (as far as I've been told) 1024x768 and 15" is
> just fine for the majority of users that this machine is targeted for. You
> would probably be aghast if you know how many people I have seen run a 17"
> in 640x480. I run my NEC 21" in 1158 x 1024 and I still don't have enough
> screen real estate.

Building in the monitor makes it:
1) completely unportable (which may be fine as Mac
has also introduced their portable lines).
2) completely un-upgradable. This may not be fine. One
of the major problems with the productivity paradox is
that it's hard to display more than a single or half
page on a monitor of that size. I guess this goes
hand in hand with their OS, very single task focussed
and very modal.
3) that cute little Saturnesque Neon 'Hello' makes me sick.

Intel announced plans to make a 333mhz PII, 32 Meg, 4G disk, keyboard,
mouse, 24X CD system the standard configuration for an $800 price
point starting late 2nd quarter. Most people when they upgrade
their computer system, they either keep their old monitor or upgrade
it to a better and bigger model. Compare an 'internet ready' iMac
at $12xx with a $800 PII and a choice of monitors including a low
end 17" for $3xx.

> However I digress. The iMac is going to succeed for a number of reasons.
> 1) Out of the box instant on. This is a huge feature. Another example of
> instant on is a television. Unbox it, plug it in, hook up the antenna and
> that's it. iMac is targeted as that convient.

Okay, this is a good thing. How about instant off too?

> 2) Price point. It's a pretty loaded little box for your $1299. I believe
> it has a 233 G3. ATI Rage chipset, USB, etc. It's clearly going to hold
> it's own against simular pricepoint Intel products.

Again, my personal opinion? They are $400 off.

> 3) It just looks damn cool. Steve has innovated yet another pair a dime in
> computing.

It looks cool for a terminal or a network computer maybe.
I guess I just have bizzare computing needs and preferences. I don't
fit into any standard marketing molds.


> p.s. Which reminds me of a joke/pick up line. You see a girl with her
> nipples standing out and you say, "two nipples for a dime?" And hand her a
> dime.
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