Browser support

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Wed, 06 May 1998 11:27:33 -0700


Dear Sirs,
I recently followed a link to a story to your site to
be confronted with the following message:

We are very sorry, but the InfoBeads web site does not currently
support your browser. Mozilla/4.05 [en] (X11; I; SunOS 5.6 sun4u)

We currently require a browser that supports Javascript, frames, and
cookies. The browsers currently supported are:

[List deleted]

I would like to 1) inform your technical staff that the
above platform does in fact support Javascript, frames,
and cookies, and 2) the WWW is successful as a open forum because
standards allow any client to work with any server. This
denial of content by restricting the content viewing to
only certain platforms is a disgraceful practice. I therefore
am recomending your site to the 'Exclusionary Hall of Shame'.