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Ron Resnick (
Wed, 06 May 1998 05:16:22 -0400

Crooked Dave responded to me:
> >[me]
> > BTW, I actually replied to your Target.vs.WalMart thing,
> > but then figured my reply was boring and didn't FoRK it after all.
> > Bottom line: WalMart rulez. In the Ford.vs.Toyota wars against
> > the WalMart.vs.Target wars, I'll take discount-shopping any day :).
>[Crooked Dave]
> Dude, Target rules. End of story. Just stepping foot into one of the
> walmarts in Southern California gave me flashbacks of being stuck in
> Alabama for a business trip. Besides, Walmart goes out of their way to
> pull "controversial" CD's from their music section and I don't think
> that target cares that much.
> You should have forked it. I think a flame war of target vs walmart
> would be an awesome thing.
> Dave

Well, all right. Original reply follows.
I warned you - it's lame. And *I* think a flame
war of target vs walmart is a ridiculous idea, but hey - it's
FoRK. Ridiculous R US, no? Are we gonna do the
coke/pepsi thing next? One I'd like to see comments on
is the apparent Taco Bell vs. Jack-In-The-Box tension I
was exposed to last week on TV commercials. I loved it!
Is this a historic long-term franchise conflict, or something
recent? In the commercial,
the Taco Bell chiuahaha does the "Yo quero Taco Bell"
thing, and then the Jack-antenna-ball replies to him
"you're a DOG. What do you know?". Too funny. Guess ya gotta see it,
or something... I liked it so much I bought a Jack antenna
ball to stick on my car here in Israel (yeah, still working
off the 10hr jetlag, which is my excuse for writing this shit.
What's your's?). Is Jack strictly a west-coast
California thing? I've never seen him in eastern states, or Canada...

David Crook wrote:
> Ron Resnick wrote:
> >
> > [Postscript: Is it really true that there are no WalMarts
> > in California? I've been driving up and down the Peninsula
> > and found a few Targets and pitiful K-Marts, but no friendly
> > 24-hour WalMart. Where do Californians buy kids' sneakers
> > at 1 AM anyway?? I have a shopping list to fill by Friday!]
> There are at least a couple of Walmarts in So Cal that I know about.
> One on the 91 freeway, just east of the 605. There is still being built
> on Beach Blvd just south of the 22 on the spot of what was the last
> drive in movie theather in Orange County :-( Damn Easterners should
> keep their hick store chains out east where they belong <spit>. Whats
> next, are they going to tear down all the Tommy Burgers and replace them
> with Waffle Houses? You should be going to a Target store like a
> Californian would. When in Rome you know.
> Dave "They can have my chilli cheese burger when they pry it from my
> cold dead fingers" Crook

All right, enough already! Desist!

For a post that touched on all kinds of themes - Israel, nationalism,
USA love/hate, flags, Ethiopian immigrants, Canada/Quebec, messy
shaving cream - why oh why is it that all the responses just
grabbed the (boring) ps of Walmarts in California? Is this
really the best FoRK is capable of discussing? RHarley is right
about this lot... Surely at least the messy shaving cream
should have been able to inspire responses somewhat more interesting.

As to discount stores, I found the WalMart in Palo Alto, just
off El Camino, as Josh (I think) suggested. It's not 24hr though -
open till 11PM most nights. I also found a 24hr KMart in Oakland,
and an assortment of other KMarts & Targets all around.

Since I hit the KMart first, I bought the shoes there. Now,
for Dave's info, why should Intelligent Shoppers (TM) always
hit WalMart first, rather than these other lesser wannabes?

Cuz WalMart HAS what you NEED, not what you just SETTLE FOR.
I NEEDed size 5 (toddler) running shoes, with Barney logos.
Don't ask why-
have a 2year old, then you'll know why. Target? KMart? Nope.
Had to SETTLE FOR Winnie the Pooh size 4s at KMart. When I finally
found the Palo Alto WalMart, sure enough, lots of selection
of Barneys.

I also NEEDed size 9 (boys) Power Ranger shoes. Again, don't ask-
have a 5 year old and you'll know why. Target? KMart? Hah. Yeah
right. Had to SETTLE FOR Darth Vader/Star Wars size 9s,
with hologram light-sabre battles, which luckily
are just getting popular in said 5-year old's social circle.
When I found the WalMart, though,
wouldn't you know - Power Rangers aplenty.

Moral of the story: When you want something,and don't want
to waste time (or money), go to the store that's putting
mom&pop's out of business everywhere. Yay WalMart.

Was that insipid enough for you Rob?
Made you barf yet? More likely made you fall asleep.
If you got this far.
So, can I play boring-FoRK-esoterica-posting too?