RE: [VOID] Getting Screwed in San Francisco

spunkanado (
Tue, 5 May 1998 20:14:59 -0400 (EDT)

> > if I ever did get laid, I'd probably contract a
> > lingering and enervating disease that destroyed
> > my ability to work.

Ok, myth number ONe "if the fat guy just got laid he would snap out of
it" or "I f i juust got laid i would snap out of it"

WRONG!!!! You wont be any better or worse than a fat guy who had just
gotten laid. Yes, you would feel better about somethings for a while,
maybe get an ego boast, which i aint down on at all but lets be realistic
here..its not the thing that will "snap" you out of it.

Becuase in the end the IT you need to snap out of is YOURSELF.

Sometimes it the worse thing that can happen. Ya know how self consceince
I get when having sex with someone I want to be very close with? ( well
of course you dont because unlike other malinglists im on I havent had
sex with any of you) I mean all mental editing aside IM still a bulky guy,
and if thats gonna freak the realtionship we are building there is not
anything thats gonna suddenly make that go away. Most times its not the
other perosn who freaks out and spazzes the relationship into a comma, its
your truly.

There aint no substitute in this case, no quickie fixie , and no miracle

If you think you want to just get laid, go take a lay over at reno or
vegas, I hear from realiable sources that they have the means to those

And myth number two... "she just had sex with me out of pity/guilt/etc"
"Something bad will happen if i do have sex"

Maybe, but maybe this preson realy cared for you and wanted to share a
close personal event with you Dont ever discount the fact that some people
can see behind the layers; sometimes even better than we can. Treasure
these people, dont degrade the experience if it should arise.

"wowo she had sex with me and the pounds just melted away and she saw the
real me and we lived happily ever.....belch can you pass the Mickey Ds im
ready for seconds"