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KUCI top 30 5/4/98

1) Azusa Plane: America Is Dreaming of Universal String Theory
(Colorful Clouds for Acoustics)
2) Bill Fox: Transit Byzantium (SpinArt)
3) Doldrums: Feng Shui (vhf)
4) Morcheeba: Big Calm (Sire)
5) Body Lovers: s/t (Young God)
6) Roy Montgomery: And Now The Rain Sounds Like Life Is Falling Down
Through It (Drunken Fish)
7) Secret Stars: Genealogies (Shrimper)
8) V/A: Montecarlo (Elefant)
9) Gerbils: Are You Sleepy (Hidden Agenda)
10) Mason Jones: International Incident (Charnel Music)
11) Ryuichi Sakamoto: Discord remixes (Sony Classical)
12) Gaze: Mitsumeru (K)
13) Animals on Wheels: Designs and Mistakes (Ninja Tune)
14) Red Aunts: Ghetto Blaster (Epitaph)
15) Spiny Anteaters: The Spiny Anteaters' Last Supper (Ba Da Bing!)
16) Loren Mazzacane Connors: Calloden Harvest (Road Cone)
17) Technicolor: One Touch Test Strip (Fuzzybox)
18) Mars Accelerator: Frankfurt: Telephonics (RxRemedy)
19) Bedhead: Transacton de Novo (Trance)
20) Harmonia 76: Tracks and Traces (Ryko)
21) Frank & Walters: Grand Parade (Setanta)
22) Bethany Curve: Gold (The Unit Circle)
23) Half Film: East of Monument (Buzz)
24) Heartworms: During (Popfactory)
25) V/A: Hard on the Eyes, Easy on the Ears (Blackbean & Placenta)
26) Pere Ubu: Pennsylvania (Tim/Kerr)
27) Schramms: Dizzy Spell (Checkered Past)
28) Secret Chiefs 3: Second Grand Constitution and Bylaws (Amarillo)
29) Film Star: Tranquil Eyes (Super Cottonmouth)
30) Le Mans: s/t (Grimsley)

Califone: s/t (Flydaddy)
Secret Chiefs 3: Second Grand Constitution and Bylaws (Amarillo)
Dock Boggs: Country Blues (Revenant)

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