Re: Anniversary motto

David Crook (
Mon, 04 May 1998 22:25:54 -0700

Ron Resnick wrote:
> [Postscript: Is it really true that there are no WalMarts
> in California? I've been driving up and down the Peninsula
> and found a few Targets and pitiful K-Marts, but no friendly
> 24-hour WalMart. Where do Californians buy kids' sneakers
> at 1 AM anyway?? I have a shopping list to fill by Friday!]

There are at least a couple of Walmarts in So Cal that I know about.
One on the 91 freeway, just east of the 605. There is still being built
on Beach Blvd just south of the 22 on the spot of what was the last
drive in movie theather in Orange County :-( Damn Easterners should
keep their hick store chains out east where they belong <spit>. Whats
next, are they going to tear down all the Tommy Burgers and replace them
with Waffle Houses? You should be going to a Target store like a
Californian would. When in Rome you know.

Dave "They can have my chilli cheese burger when they pry it from my
cold dead fingers" Crook