[VOID] My First Beltane

Khare (rohit@uci.edu)
Mon, 4 May 1998 05:27:47 -0700

I lifted, I drummed, I jumped, I danced.
I laughed, I cried, I chanted, I screamed.
I let time pass me by for one day.

My shoulders are sore, my legs are wooden, my head is light and throbbing,
and I've never felt better. And besides, I'm beginning to believe there's a
healer for every one of those energies in the open arms of this community.

I find it ironic that today, the very morning after on the flight from ABQ
to DEN, the words aren't flowing to preserve what happened. I'll write
about my visits to McDonald's, but this milestone in my emotional life
won't write itself.

All I need to say though, is that I am so glad I went back to the camp at
midnight. I could have gone home with communal good feeling, two hundred
and fifty happy people on a perfect Spring day in the pure mountain air. I
could have gone home and done the responsible things (writing, writing,
writing). Instead, I grabbed a bottle of tequila to share and warmed up by
the maypole in the light of the fire and the moon and a thousand times more
stars than I ever saw in LA.

Slowly, the energy of the circle comes over you. Sure, I'm geek enough to
admit the initiating disinhibitor is alcohol, for me -- but all that flows
afterward! I felt free to be as I felt -- *with* people, with the *circle*.
Still in motion, but not alone! (*)

I held, and I was held. Touch makes all the difference in my world.

Too many new friends -- too many names -- too many feelings
Three things there can never be 'too much' of !

Blessed be, Andrew and Kate, for inviting me to partake of your friends'
joy -- and to refill that chalice with my own...

Rohit Khare

(*) Although perhaps I should clarify that 'in motion,' I meant the journey
of single footsteps instead of thousands of miles :-)