Re: Attacking MP3 Music Pirates

Tim Byars (
Wed, 30 Jun 1999 11:57:27 -0700

At 10:40 AM -0700 6/30/99, Ian Andrew Bell did the job with this:

> This all goes to show that the content industry REALLY do not understand
> the consumer electronics market at all -- and they should quit wasting their
> time (and ours..).

> We pay not for the
> music on the CD but for the commodification of the object that contains the
> CD. To a greater extent we also pay for the convenience of choice -- to be
> able to play that song whenever we want and to manipulate it (by putting it
> on a mix tape, etc.) however we want.

You buy a CD so the artist that makes the music can feed himself to
produce more music. The record company is only a distribution medium,
that because of THEIR greed has more people making MP3 and burning CD's
and further screwing the artists.

As I have mentioned many times before all this shit could mostly go
away if the record companies would simply re-release artists catalogs
in MP3 format. But they are far too stupid for that.



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