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>28 June issue of the Industry Standard lists the most influential people in
>the Internet economy. I'm confused about a couple of their choices, in
>particular the runner up to TimBL for Standards Bearer...what happened? Did
>they run out of candidates or something? Rather odd choice, especially if
>they knew the history outside of the spin-cycle.
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>>> apologies for the abbreviations; am typing like a madwoman; running out
>of time, need to get back to work <<
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>Most Effective Startup CEO
>winner: Jeff Arnold, WebMD
>runner-up: Toby Lenk, eToys
>Most Effective Big-Company CEO
>winner: C. Michael Armstrong, AT&T
>runner-up: Lou Gerstner, IBM
>Most Innovative E-Commerce Exec, B-to-B
>winner: John Chambers, Cisco
>runner-up: David Perry, Chemdex
>Most Innovative E-Commerce Exec, Retail
>winner: Jeff Bezos,
>runner-up: Pierre Omidyar, eBay
>Most Influential New-Business Strategist
>winner: Jay Walker,
>runner-up: Bill Gross, IdeaLab
>Most Influential International Exec
>winner: Masayoshi Son, Softbank
>runner-up: Yossi Vardi, ICQ
>Most Powerful Investment Banker
>winner: Brad Koenig, Goldman Sachs
>runner-up: Dan Caase, Hambrecht & Quist
>Most Influential Internet Analyst
>winner: Mary Meeker, Morgan Stanley
>runner-up: Henry Bloget, Merrill Lynch
>Most Influential Investor
>winner: Bill Gates, Microsoft
>runner-up: David Wetherell, CMGI
>Most Powerful Venture Capitalist
>winner: John Doerr, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
>runner-up: Bob Kagle, Benchmark Capital
>Most Influential Internet Advertising Campaign
>winner: IBM's e-Business Ad Campaign, [multiagency creative team]
>runner-up: Kevin O'Connor, DoubleClick
>Most Influential Net Marketing Executive
>winner: Bob Pittman, AOL
>runner-up: Jeffrey Mallett, Yahoo!
>Most Important Infrastructure Builder
>winner: Joe Nacchio, Qwest
>runner-up: Thomas Jermoluk, Excite-AtHome
>Most Important Software Developer
>winner: Bill Joy, Sun Microsystems
>runner-up: Linus Torvalds, Creator of Linux
>Most Important Hardware Developer
>winner: Teiyu Goto, Sony
>runner-up: John Rubenstein, Apple
>Most Important Government Policy Maker
>winner: Joel Klein, DOJ, Antitrust Division
>runner-up: William Kennard, FCC
>Most Influential Standard-Bearer
>winner: Tim Berners-Lee, World Wide Web Consortium
>runner-up: Marc Andreessen, AOL
>Most Influential Thinker
>winner: Alan Greenspan, Federal Reserve Board
>runner-up: Eric Raymond, Open-Source Initiative
>Most Powerful Net Media Mogul
>winner: Tom Rogers, NBC
>runner-up: Halsey Minor, CNET
>Most Influential Writer/Journalist
>winner: Kara Swishser, Wall Street Journal; Author,
>runner-up: Matt Drudge, Drudge Report
>Most Powerful Consigliere
>winner: Bill Savoy, Vulcan Ventures
>runner-up: Gary Reback, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati