Netscape for sale?

Michele Michelotto (
Thu, 05 Feb 1998 16:39:38 +0100

NETSCAPE COMMUNICATIONS CORP (Wednesday's close 19-1/4) is
considering selling some or all of the company, and is talking to
several of the large players in the technology industry, the Wall
Street Journal said in its electronic edition. Citing people
familiar with the situation, the newspaper said Netscape is
holding serious discussions with AMERICA ONLINE INC.(Wednesday's
close 100-3/4), SUN MICROSYSTEMS INC. (Wednesday's close 49),
ORACLE CORP (Wednesday's close 24-7/16) and IBM (Wednesday's close
98-5/16). AOL, for example, has discussed taking over or buying
Netscape's popular World Wide Web site, the newspaper said. No
deal is believed to be imminent, the newspaper said. Netscape's
CFO declined to comment, as did Oracle and Sun. Spokesmen at IBM
and AOL couldn't immediately be reached, the newspaper said.
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